Excercising, threenager style! 

Exercising with my threenager = lots of back-tracking, bargaining, pausing the fitness app & dodging flying books. There are lots of things my daughter is good for, but being my exercise buddy is definitely not one of them.. Not yet anyway. She likes to go in every direction other than the one I’m going in. Between the book that she brought along & myself she definitely vented her frustration. By the time we left I actually couldn’t find her book but after the way it was treated I wouldn’t be surprised if it grew legs & ran away – I’m so jealous.I’m 20kgs heavier than I’d like to be & I don’t enjoy it, however I do enjoy drinking alcohol, eating cheese & sitting on my butt so I can’t complain to much. I know the power is in my hands & all that jazz. I have also grown 3 humans in the squishy stomach that I curse every day so if it never looks as good as I’d like it to at least I can look at my gorgeous children instead. 

Some mornings I wake up & feel like today could be the day I can hashtag #fitspo instead of #fatso. Today was that morning! I had a shit morning organising my boys’ for school, there was fighting, tears, sandwich dramas & even a minor injury after one jumped off a fence after being told 787436 times not to go near it. I needed some endorphins. Exercise makes me sane, which is probably a better reason to do it instead of the desire to hashtag it.

Unfortunately it quickly went from #fitspo to #fuckno. The toddler did not want a bar of it. We went to our local park where I thought she could play while I had a jog, she wasn’t feeling it. Now when I say jog I don’t mean 5km of flat out pavement pounding, I mean jog 20 meters & walk 40 meters, it’s not like she couldn’t keep up, if she tried she could probably outrun me. The thought of exercising together is so lovely, such a good bonding experience & way to be a great role model, not to mention that she’d be there to call for help in the likely event that I collapse.

My pelvic floor doesn’t enjoy running either so between the 2 of them my first world problems had defeated me. I won’t give up but will shelve my dreams of exercising buddies for now. I had a lot of pre conceived ideas while pregnant about what my daughter & I would do together & I’ve no doubt we will one day but right now we are still at the broadcasting her bowel movements stage. I used to dream of us lovingly brushing each other’s hair & then skipping through fields of sunflowers together but the harsh reality is I get anxiety every time I have to touch her hair & often put cotton balls in my ears to drown out the squealing. Some dreams will just have to stay exactly that for now.

Although I am thinking next time I want to take her for a run I should try the supermarket or the Doctors surgery.. She certainly finds her feet whenever we go there!

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