The bond of brothers. 

Since the day my beautiful son, Lachlan, was diagnosed with ASD in February of 2009 I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve googled autism, read about autism, watched shows about autism, talked about autism. I would be a multi millionaire, at least. I consider myself a walking autism expert without the certified qualifications.

These days, at least once a week, I come across a story about ASD on the news, on the Internet or in the newspaper. It’s definitely in the mainstream media now more than it’s ever been. As someone who wants to shout autism awareness from the rooftops, this is amazing. This is what we want! The good stories & the bad. I read them all. The one thing I don’t remember ever seeing though is talking about the sibling/s of children with autism which astounds me, not in a good way. Continue reading

Day 1 of school holidays.

8.25am: Still in bed with no plans to move anytime soon. 1 coffee deep. Feeling good. Chance of rain all day resulting in cabin fever with 3 lively offspring may change that. 48 hours until the Fathership returns.8.35am: Appears there’s a change of plans. Offspring demanding food. Claiming they are starving, I call bullshit. Make a deal with everyone that I’ll peel backside off bed in 5 minutes. Met with grunts & groans but offspring leave bedroom, success. Time to enjoy remaining 4 minutes of bed. 0 given.
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Co-sleeping = No-sleeping

It’s day 4 of the flowing red river of hate & I’m feeling slightly more mentally stable. Fucking exhausted after having a tiny two year old toe in my rib all night but a tad more tolerant. The flowing red river of hate is drying up & I’ll probably drink a bottle of wine tonight to celebrate being foetus free for another month.

The Fathership would probably argue that you need to have sex to get pregnant, he cries sexual poverty often, but those 2-3 bangs a month (depending how generous the vajay & I are feeling) is all it takes to be back in the maternity clinic & contemplating running away. I believe the best contraception is very little D to V contact. After birthing 3 decent sized, large noggin’d babies I feel like the vajay has proven its worth. It’s happily gone into semi retirement & enjoys long stints of being left the fuck alone. Continue reading