Special in every way. 

Special children have special needs. And with them, they bring very special moments.

Very, very, very special moments.

Moments so special that there are absolutely no words to explain it. I feel these moments in the deepest part of my heart, a part that I never knew existed until my beautiful first born son, now Master 10, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder 7 years ago. Continue reading

First world problems!

Today I’d planned exactly what I wanted to say before sitting down & getting the chance to do it. The world was against me. My frustration was inspiring. It was flowing in my mind well before my thumbs hit the keyboard.

Like how I rang my Mum this morning, almost in tears & begging her to give me 1 hour of child free time, which I never ever do, before I drained the bank account & went bush, never to be seen again. Unfortunately that’s as far as draining my bank account would of taken me.

But fortunately, 1 hour turned into 3 hours. Fuck yeah! Continue reading

Me and my moments. 

Yesterday I cried over an omelette.
Why you ask? So did the Fathership
24 hours later, so am I.

I still don’t know but as the Fathership says, I was “having a moment”. They aren’t unusual for me. Unfortunately for him that moment turned into 60 moments & I walked around with a face like a smacked ass for an hour.

I’ve been known to cry at In the Night Garden when Upsy Daisy gets a mucky patch so tears don’t surprise my family. Or friends for that matter. I’m a cryer, sue me!

But I know these tears confused the Fathership. Understandably. Continue reading