First world problems!

Today I’d planned exactly what I wanted to say before sitting down & getting the chance to do it. The world was against me. My frustration was inspiring. It was flowing in my mind well before my thumbs hit the keyboard.

Like how I rang my Mum this morning, almost in tears & begging her to give me 1 hour of child free time, which I never ever do, before I drained the bank account & went bush, never to be seen again. Unfortunately that’s as far as draining my bank account would of taken me.

But fortunately, 1 hour turned into 3 hours. Fuck yeah!

Or how Master 7 all of a sudden has attitude the size that mine was at 15. He’s always been the most like me & now I’m having daily disagreements with a smaller male version of myself. He’s having a growth spurt. A growth in attitude, defiance & testosterone. I was ready to sell him this morning. Or put him on a swap page. 1 child for 1 bottle of SSB.

Or how I fucking hate weekends without the Fathership around. It’s so shit. It’s lonely & boring. I miss him SO much. This is meant to be family time. When the weekend approaches without him I feel anxious. I think it makes everything feel so much worse sometimes.

Or how the Threenager found her birthday present, a new scooter, hidden in my wardrobe. I told the Fathership 17 times to hide it somewhere good. I don’t class under a couple of his t-shirts as good. The fuckwit is lucky he wasn’t here for the downfall of that.

Or how I got a message from the electricity company to say we are $170 behind in our bill. Fuckers. & the government are putting up tariffs. Bigger fuckers.

Or how the 2 year old fridge we paid a fortune for & got fixed not long ago, under warranty, shit itself again. Fucking thermostats. Of course, now the warranty is up. Never again Samsung #nameandshame

I felt like the Universe was giving me a huge kick in the cunt. I could hear violins in the distance serenading my troubles & I.

And then came Supermarket time. I was ready for whatever the Universe had in store.

Bring it bitch.

I didn’t realise that it would turn into an important reminder for me.

On the way, I drove past a guy on the side of the road, his bike was next to him & a carton of beer not far away. Rain was imminent. It looked like a head on collision between 24 beers, a bike & the pavement. He was frantically trying to save the few that looked unscathed. There were empty beer carcasses for all to see. At least 15 fatalities.

Firstly, anyone that attempts to ride a bike with a carton on the back, needs to be my friend. Best friends. Spirit animals. The Thelma to my Louise.

Secondly, I suddenly felt like my Sunday problems paled in comparison.

Poor dude. What a kick in the dick.

It reminded me that there is always someone so much worse off than ourselves, no matter how bad we feel.

This one is for him.

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