13 years!

13 years since he finished work as a Baker, knocked on my bedroom window, gave me some sausage rolls & asked me to be his Princess.
He totes had me at the sausage rolls.
And I’m more of a raging inferno than a Princess.

He learnt that the hard way.

13 years of many ups & downs that would rival the scariest roller coasters.
13 years of taking bullets that would tear most people apart.
13 years aboard my crazy train while I drive it blind folded.
The Fathership is the exact opposite to me.
Quiet, sensible, responsible, organised.

And f*ck it works. It is 110% what I need.

These are the reasons I fell in love with him.

Like Paula Abdul sang, Opposites Attract.
And I truly believe that.

Today he reorganised the boys clothes drawers & labelled them appropriately because the washing pile is 2 meters high & it overwhelms me so I just ignore it & watch it grow in the hope it will sort its own sh*t out. But he doesn’t. He fixes it. Like always.
And he got to listen to me sing 80’s song impersonations while he did it. Lucky boy.

He is still a giant f*cking baby sometimes. Of course! We have worked very hard to stay together and we will continue to work hard to stay together. To not kill each other. Maintaining a strong relationship makes Motherhood look like a Sunday stroll in my opinion.
He still needs to be reminded to pick up his wet towels, clean his facial hair from the sink & drives me bonkers with bullsh*t.
But I know I am exactly the same.

Probably worse. Actually, definitely worse.

He lets me, be me. He loves me for exactly who I am. Always has. He gives me the steak that isn’t a little burnt. He lets me go & drink wine with my girls & then buys me cheeseburgers the next day. He tells me to pull my head in when I need to hear it.
He takes responsibility for our children the way that every Father should. I think that strengthens our bond a million times over.
5 years ago, in the depths of autism, toddlers & the tender age of 25, the walls of my world were crumbling around me. I was having trouble seeing the light in my days & putting one foot in front of the other. He found me crying on the floor of our bathroom, picked me up, hugged me so tight & told me that I am the most amazing girl that he’s ever known & that he would remind me of that every day.
He hasn’t, HA, but I will never forget that day.

He has saved me from myself so many times.

I might be the boss, but he is the backbone.
There is no one else’s willy I would prefer to rotate on once, maybe twice, a month.

I respect you. I appreciate you.
And I love you intensely. Faults & all Xxx

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