The Mothership

Round trampolineI gave birth to my first child 5 months shy of my 21st birthday,
I was a toddler having a baby,
It wasn’t planned,
I was scared,
We lived with my Mum for the first few months,
I didn’t further my education to the extent I could of,
I don’t have an exciting career,
I have fucked up so many times,
I don’t have enough money to show them the worl
Or to buy them all the things they’d like,

We don’t have a flash family home,
I swear to much, Continue reading

Unexpected life lessons!

Recently, one of my oldest & dearest friends gave birth to her first baby, a beautiful little girl. Cue the excitement. Finally it was my turn for baby cuddles & then handing the darling back when the fun was over. Oh the joy! I’ve waited years for this.

10 years ago, when my world had done the hugest 360. I had a newborn, was living on no sleep, had bleeding nipples and didn’t know my asshole from my nose, this friend used to come and take Master 10 out for a walk. She would tell me to take a long shower, 14 seconds (on a good day) had become the norm, so this was heaven. I would wash my hair, find clean clothes that didn’t have crusty baby vomit on them and put some make up on.
This made me feel so good. So normal.  Continue reading