The Mothership

Round trampolineI gave birth to my first child 5 months shy of my 21st birthday,
I was a toddler having a baby,
It wasn’t planned,
I was scared,
We lived with my Mum for the first few months,
I didn’t further my education to the extent I could of,
I don’t have an exciting career,
I have fucked up so many times,
I don’t have enough money to show them the worl
Or to buy them all the things they’d like,

We don’t have a flash family home,
I swear to much,

They could direct a stranger to our local bottle-O,
Sometimes I cannot be fucked reading to them,
I only brush my hair on Thursdays,
And I’m 10kg heavier than society accepts,
I look like Danny DeVito in a onesie,
They see me naked daily,
I often drop them off to school in my pj’
I embarrass them with my supermarket dancing all the time,
And when I give their friends nicknames,
I yell “WOO HOO” out loud in public & give no fucks when they succeed at something,
I make them eat all of their vegetables before dessert,

Sometimes I don’t cook vegetables at all,
The tough times have gotten the better of me before,
And I often forget to bask in the good times,
I’m not always the Mother that I want to be, 

And I have days where I feel like they deserve way more than me..

But I can bounce on the trampoline like a fucking boss. And because of that, they think I’m the best Mum ever!
And that’s the only thing that really matters.

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