mothership2Welcome to The Mothership Diaries.

I am a proud, exhausted & prematurely greying Mother of 3 darling Offspring. And the crazy half of a 13 year relationship with the Fathership. 

But most importantly, I am a woman in her early 30’s trying to navigate her way through the bullshit that we call life, while trying her best to keep her shit together. 

I often fail at this. 

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have stopped trying to fight this. It’s just me.

I began my Motherhood journey a few months shy of my 21st birthday. It wasn’t in the plan, but nothing was unless it involved vodka red bulls & dancing until 4am. 

If I had my time again, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. No question! I have learnt to wear my “Young Mum” badge loudly and proudly. 0 fucks.

I am currently in 3 stages of parenting.    It is challenging. Every, single day.       And the guilt that comes with this often eats me up.

mr10Master 10, my first born. My Teacher. I often refer to him as Mr ASD or Mayor of Spunk City. This sweet soul lives his life on the autism spectrum. The journey we have taken together has been full of highs & lows. My greatest blessing and my greatest challenge. I speak a lot about our life together. He has changed me and us in so many ways. And as he grows up, he is quickly turning into an attitude wielding & boner baring young man, with a very gentle aura. I know I was born to be his Mumma. As tough as it can be at times. He is mine. And I am his. Forever.

Master 8. The poster child for “Middle Child Syndrome”. And also one of the most delicious humans I’ve ever known. We are so similar. Which is no doubt why we butt heads a lot but also laugh so hard together that we cry. And then on the other hand he has his Dads sense of responsibility and desire to succeed. He is a special boy who came into my life when I really needed him. I owe him. And I adore him. Every time he drives me fucking loco I try and remember this. 

threenagerAnd my baby girl. The Threenager. The perfect final piece of the beautiful puzzle I have somehow created. With a little help of course, cheers Fathership. She pushes my buttons every single day and then reverts back to the ridiculously loveable little character that she is. I still look at her and pinch myself. Or she pinches me, bitch. I have never considered myself an overly lucky person, but when the Midwife said “It’s a girl”, I felt like the luckiest woman in the world. She is an absolute dream come true. And often, a pain in my ass. So #blessed #hatethatword

fathershipAnd last but definitely not least, the Fathership. The calm to my crazy. Sometimes I want to pash him hard like the 17 year old girl who fell madly in love with him and other times I imagine smothering him with his pillow while he sleeps. Balance is good, right? We have been through so much together, I am so proud of us. When the world dished us up a plate of ass at a young age, we fought hard to get through it. He is a very good man with the patience of 10 men, who I sometimes want to kill. If only he could learn to pick up his wet towels and clean the sink after a shave. Ha, I won’t hold my breath. Jokes aside, he’s the best thing that ever happened to me. 

We are perfectly imperfect. Just how I like it. Real, flawed and committed to the cause regardless of the roadblocks we face.

Writing is something I have always loved. It is like therapy for me, except a fuckload cheaper. And I can do it with no bra on. Starting a blog has been a dream of mine for years. After continually pushing my needs to the side, earlier this year I realised I needed to do something for me, follow a dream I’d always had. So I decided to bite the bullet and take a leap of faith. And so, The Mothership Diaries was born.

I write with emotion, humour & a profanity or 10. Or 20. If swearing with the occasional splash of vulgarity isn’t your thing then this isn’t going to work.
My purpose for including the word “diaries” in the title of my blog is because, to me, a diary is a place of no inhibitions.

No lies. No bullshit. No fucks. 

If I am to write honestly, from my heart, then I need to be me. 

Potty mouth and all. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. But if not, 0. I get it. I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Which is okay, because I’d much prefer to be someones glass of wine.
Speaking of wine, it must be time.

Thanks for coming, I appreciate it. Bye!

The Mothership xx