8 years in WA! 

8 years ago today, 22 years old,

34 weeks pregnant with Master 7,

Master 2 (now 10) on the verge of an autism diagnosis,

Scared out of my irrational mind,

We packed up our lives & moved across the country from everyone & everything we knew..

Today we have been in WA for 8 years.
What a roller coaster it’s been.
But I’d do it all again in a second. Continue reading

13 years!

13 years since he finished work as a Baker, knocked on my bedroom window, gave me some sausage rolls & asked me to be his Princess.
He totes had me at the sausage rolls.
And I’m more of a raging inferno than a Princess.

He learnt that the hard way.

13 years of many ups & downs that would rival the scariest roller coasters.
13 years of taking bullets that would tear most people apart.
13 years aboard my crazy train while I drive it blind folded.
The Fathership is the exact opposite to me.
Quiet, sensible, responsible, organised. Continue reading

Judgey McJudgersons’.

Today I experienced a Woman vs Woman moment. You know those heart warming occasions when you can feel yourself being judged by the species that should have your back better than anyone. Another woman. So very possibly, another Mother. And very likely menstrual once a month.
Possibly always based on this woman’s face.

It’s Day 2 of the flowing red river of hate.
(For those who’ve only recently climbed aboard the Mothership, this is how I refer to the 3-6 days a month I spend while my insides rip themselves apart & escape through my portal of womanhood & I daydream about how much easier my life would be if I’d been born with a dick.) Continue reading


I think I might be having a mid-Motherhood crisis. Unbeknownst to me, it looks like I’ve started the Cert IIIII of Parenting after only just scraping through Cert IIII.
Who runs this shit? I called my local training centre, they laughed & hung up.

Am I the only one out there that thought once we said sayonara to nappies & no sleep that our lives as Mothers would be significantly easier?

I totes did. Fuckwitery at its finest.

Turns out, babies are just the warm up.  Continue reading

Special in every way. 

Special children have special needs. And with them, they bring very special moments.

Very, very, very special moments.

Moments so special that there are absolutely no words to explain it. I feel these moments in the deepest part of my heart, a part that I never knew existed until my beautiful first born son, now Master 10, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder 7 years ago. Continue reading